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US Climate Map | Climate Map of America in PDF

The US climate map can be very useful in understanding the temperature of different regions. The US has 50 states and every state has different climatic conditions. USA climate map helps in a clear understanding of different states. The climate map illustrates how the temperature varies among different states and how different climatic zones are divided. This map of the US climate illustrates how different regions have different climatic conditions. The Climate map defines different weather patterns of an area.

US Climate Map

US Climate Map


The climate Map depicts the climatic variables such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation etc. Different states have different climatic conditions, some of them are hot, cold, snow, rainy. The latitude plays an important role in defining the climatic conditions of an area. The US climate map can be downloaded and printed from the below-given image and be used for further reference.

US Climate Map Printable

US Climate Map Printable


The climate Map of the US can be divided into different climatic types:

1- Humid Continental (warm summer)

2- Humid Continental (cool summer)

3- Highland (alpine)

4- Tropical wet/ Dry season

5- Midlatitude desert

6- Semiarid steppe

7- Humid subtropical

8- Marine Westcoast

9- Mediterranean

The different climatic types describe the different weather conditions of the state. In this Climate map, different areas have been marked with different colors and the area with light blue and dark blue color represents the humid continental (warm summer and cold summer), the red represents the tropical wet/ dry season, the yellow represents the mid-latitude desert, the brown represents the semi-arid steppe, the light green color represents the humid subtropical area, the dark green represents the marine west coast and the orange represents the Mediterranean.

Climate Map of US

Climate Map of US


The climate map shows different climatic types and the map for different climatic types can be downloaded and printed from the below reference.

The climate map of the US has different climatic zones: There are 8 climatic zones according to IPCC

1- Boreal moist

2- Cool temperate dry

3- Cool temperate moist

4- Polar moist

5- Tropical dry

6- Tropical moist

7- Warm Temperate Moist

8- Warm Temperate Dry

These climatic zones are defined by IPCC and the map for the following climatic zones can be downloaded and printed from the below reference.

A free printable Climate Map of the US can be downloaded and printed and can be used for further reference.

The climate Map of the US has been divided into 6 main climatic zones:

1- Tropical Climates

2- Dry Climates

3- Moist Subtropical Mid-Latitude Climate

4- Moist Continental Mid-Latitude Climate

5- Polar Climates

6- Highlands

America Climate Map

The Climate Map of the US can be downloaded and printed from the below image and be used for further reference. All climate map is a result of different factors such as humidity, wind speed, precipitation, etc.

America Climate Map


The different climatic zones have been explained in the images and different states have different climatic regions and zones. This climate map of the US explains the different regions and zones of the US State.

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