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US Railroad Map 1870 | United States Railroad Map 1870

This is the US Railroad Map 1870 that we are offering here to you if you are interested in the history of the railway system in America in the year the 1870s. The expansion of the railway was rapidly growing in the year 1870, but with this other issues were also rising such as financial panic in the nation’s economy.

But what really sticks the country and put everyone in panic was when the Great railroad Strike in the year 1877. But regardless of all the impediments, the American railroads increased from 52,900 which was in the year 1870 to 93,200 by the year 1880. This is also mentioned in one of the books of the historian John Stover named “The Routledge Historical Atlas Of The American Railroads.”

US Railroad Map 1870

railroad map 1870 us


Over the years till 1880, all the states and then territories now states have exhibited several miles of railroads. In the year 1869, the west side almost completed its Transcontinental Railroad and the eastern was focusing on extending to Chicago. America’s common carrier was Ohio and Baltimore which thrived in the Windy City in the year 1875.

us railroad maps 1870


The noticeable changes in the railways which we see nowadays that is modernization, start to happen in the 1870s. Apart from the twisted history of the American Railway, you will find all the routes on the Railroad 1870 Maps of the USA marked. These routes are printed on the maps with different lines and colors so that you could find them easily.

Railroad 1870 Map of US (US Railroad Map 1870)

railroad map 1870 of us


The railways have a major part in American History, so if you are interested in history or you are a historian then these maps for US Railroad 1870 will be very useful to you. The Railways have their own separate category to study and it has played a vital role in the economy of the country.

railroad map 1870 of usa


As mentioned earlier, it was at the time of the financial crisis in the nation after which the railways starts to expand. The inter-state export and import businesses were surviving only because of the railways. Its importance is can be understood in these days globalization.

Printable USA Railroad Map 1870

us railroad map 1870


These railway networks are not only limited to the pathways to reach from one state to another but they were lifelines to many cities and states that were far and dependent on other states and territories for many daily goods and services. The country was recovering from the war at that time and railways helped the process to make it fast and easy.

United States Railroad Map 1870

But the expansion itself wasn’t easy as there’s always someone who is rooting against the process. The same thing happens in the expansion of the American railways themselves. These were hurdles in this path too.

usa railroad map 1870


You can study all this and about the different routes and stations by downloading these maps that showcase all the pathways from all states and then territories which are states now. Click on the United States Railroad Map 1870 PDF link given along the map to download them to your device and print them later for your documentation of research.

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