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Printable US Highway Map | Highway Map of USA

US Highway Map displays the major highways of the United States of America, highlights all 50 states and capital cities. Highway maps can be used by the traveler to estimate the distance between two destinations, pick the best route for travelling. Highway maps are easy to use by a traveler. A highway map can be used to display roads and transport links rather than natural geographical information.

US Highway Map

US Highway Map


Highway Maps shows a particular highway in detail. Maps can help in choosing the, route to travel taking minimum time to reach your destination. US has a major interstate highway map which helps the citizens to travel from one state of US to another. Interstates access the roadways with no tolls and no stoplights.

Highway Map of USA

The US Highway map can be downloaded and can be accessed in determining the distance between two locations.

Highway Map of USA


US Highway is an integrated network of highways within a nationwide grid of US. These are type of navigational map that commonly includes political boundaries and labels. The main characteristics includes distance, direction and area.

7 Major US Freeways includes

1: I-90 Seattle to Boston, 3,085 miles.

2: I-80 San Francisco to Teaneck, New jersey, 2,906 miles.

3: I-40 Barstow, California, to Wilmington, North Carolina, 2554 miles.

4: I-10 Los Angeles to Jacksonville, 2459 miles.

5: I-70 Cove Fort, Utah, to Baltimore, 2175 miles.

6: I-95 Miami to Houlton, Maine, 1892 miles.

7: I-75 Miami to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, 1787 miles.

Among all these the busiest highway in the US is I-90, covering a distance of about 3,085 miles ranked as the No.4 most traveled highway by the citizens and has recorded average traffic of 32,000 vehicles in a day. The Highway map of the 7 longest US Interstates can be downloaded below.

Printable Map of US Highways

A Roadmap can be used for automobile travel to reach a particular destination. The web-based road map software are used for marketing strategies by IT companies to provide data to an individual traveler to reach their location without any hurdles. Roadmap forces deep thinking where the individual wants to reach and helps everyone to stay on track.

Printable Highway Map of United States


The longest interstate map of the US is US-20, 3,365 miles and the shortest interstate map is I-375, Michigan. The longest and shortest interstate map of the US determines the area of the highways in miles. The US highway maps are helpful for the citizens for calculating the estimated time taken to reach their destination. The various interstate highway map help in connecting within the contiguous United States. The roadmap of the US can be downloaded from the below reference and can be used in accessing the destination.

Printable Road Map of US Highways

On the Map, Interstate highways are shown with bright red solid line symbol with an interstate shield label in it with limited highways and principal roads in fainter color. US Highway maps and Interstate maps have a slight difference, the one represents the connection between different

Printable US Highway Map


Metropolitan cities through the highway maps whereas the other represents the connection between the different states of the United States. The data furnished above is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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