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Continental US Map | Map of Continental USA

This is the Continental US Map showing you continents which is useful for various functions. The country of the United States of America consists of 50 states in total. Most of the parts of the country are contagious, whereas the remaining is the continental which comes in continental area.

Nearly all the states of the country are part of the continent of North America. Apart from all the states, only one state is missing from the list of the continental map, which is Hawaii. People often tend to also exclude Alaska from the list of continental US but the truth is that it is a part of the continental and not the contiguous US.

Continental US Map

continental map us


The word continental map is used for the states which are part of North America, whereas contiguous is used for the states which are attached to the borders and stand for the country as a whole. If you are willing to understand and learn about all these 48 states including the District of Columbia then you can use these continental maps of the US for your learning.

continental map


It is stated on the continental map US with all the states and districts marked on it so you will have no confusion while learning. You can also practice your map filling and map reading skills with them at your home, or anywhere you want by downloading them on your phone or laptop.

Map of Continental USA (Continental US Map)

continental us maps


If you are a student in geography and you have a school project related to the subject then having these continental US on the map will be useful to you. You will just need to download them and print them. If you want to use them online, then that also can be done. The area and location are also specified on the map to make your work easier for you.

continental usa map


The map will help you to understand the boundaries and you will also learn about the neighboring states and cities attached to it. Using a map of the continental USA also helps in enhancing a child’s visual literacy and is able to locate places and understand directions, which is a very useful skill to have in daily practical life.

Map of Continental USA

Map reading also helps students in understanding signs and signals. Not only this, but it will also comprehend them to not only look at an image but to observe and understand it. The list of benefits goes on and on. You are also able to perform your research with these Printable USA Continental maps.

continental us map


It will cost you nothing which means you can have how much you want. It is not limited to one category. There are many other different types of maps used for various purposes. You just need to visit our site and find the one that best suits your work.

US Continental Map

us continental map


The Continental USA map is editable which means, that if you want to make any changes to them before printing then you can do that also. Download the Continental US map PDF, modify it as per your requirement and print them. These are also sharable so you will also be able to share them online as well.

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