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US Nuclear Power Plants Map | USA Nuclear Power Plants Map

US Nuclear Power Plants Map marked with all the power plants situated within the boundaries of the country. This series of power plants begins in the year 1945 by the government. Till now, there are 93 active nuclear reactors situated in 28 states in the country in 55 different locations. Most nuclear plants are placed in the eastern region of the country of the United States. The electricity generated by these power plants every year is 4,000 million MWh.

US Nuclear Power Plants Map

us nuclear power plant map


The main source of generating energy is fossil fuels such as coal 29.9% and gas which is 32.1%. But there are other small resources also. Currently, the use of coal as a source of energy is declining and the use of solar and wind energy is being used more frequently by power plants. The use of renewable sources is more prominent than before and it is also the demand of the generation.

nuclear power plants map


We have done enough exploitation of our non-renewable resources so now we are left with only wind and solar energy. Water is also not much anymore because of the increasing global warming. Even though, almost 60% of the annual net generation of energy generation is done by coal and natural gas.

Map of US Nuclear Power Plants (US Nuclear Power Plants Map)

us nuclear power plants maps


Most of the generation is held in the eastern and midwest parts of the country, making it 20% of the annual net generation. There are more renewable installations happening in the country such as the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State (19 million MWh per year). Most of the renewable installations are of agro-processing. The map of nuclear power plants in the USA is the largest nuclear power producer in the world with 30% of the total generation of electricity in the world.

us nuclear power plants map


It is important for you to understand where these nuclear reactors are situated. If you are living near the area, then you should be aware of the plant. Although no such accident like The Three Mile Island in 1979 has happened again, except for some small accidents. The map of all nuclear power plants in the USA can also be used for studying purposes.

USA Nuclear Power Plants Map

usa nuclear power plants map


The statics are given with the location which will allow you to understand the information in a better way. Some power plants are still running on fossil fuels but as they are declining day by day, it is not going to last very long. Renewable resources are now should be used by us. But still, the use should be limited as we will be able to leave something behind for our future generation.

usa nuclear power plant map


Along with the location of the power plants, also study how you can have the most out of them without exploiting any more resources. The rapid issue of global warming and the issue of declining natural resources are also severe. We should take responsibility and steps towards saving the necessary energy and using natural resources. It is not only good for the earth but also beneficial to our health as well. 

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