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US Ancestry Map | United States Ancestry Map [USA]

US Ancestry Map is here to present the diversity in culture and people in the nation. The history of US descendants comes from the mixture of Irish, Germans, and African Americans being 11.8%, 16.4%, and 12.2% respectively.

These percentages come from the 2010 US census. The immigration of Germans happens in the nineteenth century when a massive wave of Germans moved to the country to escape the unemployment rate and civilian crises. In today’s time, these immigrant Germans mainly live in the noncoastal region of the country which is Arizona in Maricopa County.

US Ancestry Map

usa ancestry map


The history of African American immigrants is from slavery. Most of the African Americans living in the country are descendent of slaves moved from Sub-Saharan Africa. In today’s time, the most populated states by African Americans are Georgia, Illinois, California, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and Texas.

usa ancestry maps


Over 58 percent of the African American community lives in these mentioned states combined. The immigration of Irish immigrants happens between the time period of the 1820s and the 1920s. Between these years, over 4.6 million Irish moved to the states and settled in urban cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Boston.

Map of US Ancestry (US Ancestry Map)

us ancestry map


The reason behind this immigration was the great starvation of the 1840s. The Printable US Ancestry Map represents these communities and also the American community by using different colors. Each color represents a different community so that you will have no confusion in understanding the statics. The racial groups combined to make the total population of the country. People from different regions and countries settle here to make living and feed their families.

us ancestry maps


Most of the time the reason for moving to another country is unemployment. People move to big cities for better opportunities and fair chances to enhance their way of living. If you would like to study the different communities in the country and their history of immigration then these USA Ancestry Maps can help you to understand the geographical allocation of these communities. Each community is living in a particular region of the nation and now has become the legal citizens of the country.

Ancestry Map of the USA

ancestry us map


It is not just about the study of the population but also about the history of the country and its economic reforms. The economy is also affected by this immigration and this subject matter can only be understood completely when you have the right statics about the different communities living in the country. Also with the map of the US Ancestry, you will be aware of their geographical location and what effect it makes on the county.

ancestry us maps


When an immigrant moves to another country, they not only come there to take the resources but also have something to offer from their culture and community. In history, the most affected sector by immigration is the food industry. The people who moved there come with their culture and species which is now a part of a typical American person living in the country. The mixture of all these communities and their lifestyle is what this nation is all about.

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