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Appalachian Mountains On US Map | US Map of Appalachian Mountains

Appalachian Mountains On US Map are located in North America stretching from southern New York to the parts of Georgia, Georgia, and Mississippi. The US Map of the Appalachian Mountains are also often called Appalachian which is a geographical and cultural location in the eastern United States of America.

The mountains may cover some areas from Canada to Alabama but the region which is addressed as Appalachian is the certain portions of the range which are central and southern. This land covers 12 states which are Georgia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee making the total area of about 205,000 square miles. These 12 states are home to 25 million people.

Appalachian Mountains On US Map

appalachian on us map


Most of the land in the Appalachian is a rural area and the livelihood of the people in this region depends upon forestry, heavy industry, agriculture, and mining. Almost one-third of the population of this region is fighting poverty. Because the people live in the mountain, they are often misunderstood as backward and uneducated and are also used to call ‘mountain-men’.

appalachian mountain on us map


But the thinking is now changing over time and one can not deny the fact that these people are actually living in heaven with the immense beauty of these mountains and in the love of nature. The greenery and beauty of nature soothe your eyes and clean your soul. The Printable Appalachian Mountains on the USA Map are the biggest tourist destination.

US Map Appalachian Mountains

appalachian mountains map


The main source of income for the region is because of tourism. People come here to visit the most famous place in the mountains which is the Appalachian Trail which extends from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Tourists visit here across the world to enjoy the adventures and hiking experience.

appalachian mountains on us map


The length of the trail is 2,200 miles making it the longest distance hiking trail. The distinct places and silent nature is loved by people who live in the running life of cities. That is why the tourist who comes here are often from cities and urban locations.

Where are the Appalachian Mountains on US Map

appalachian mountains on usa map


The mountains are marked on the USA map with Appalachian mountains presented here. It is shaded so you won’t face any trouble locating it on the map. The map template offered by us is Appalachian mountains on the United States map, but we also offer you a variety of range of maps on our website. You can select between them as per your requirements. Some of the geographical locations are complex to locate on the map such as these mountain ranges. But we have other blank maps for you to practice.

US Map of Appalachian Mountains

appalachian mountains us map


On these blank maps, with reference to the filled maps, you can practice them. These printable Appalachian Mountains on US Map PDF friendly which means you will be able to print them. It is up to you whether you want a color print or in black and white. To get these maps you can simply visit our website and download the map whichever you want and require. The maps are can be used in different settings such as schools, colleges, and researchers.

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