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US Radon Map | United States Radon Map [USA]

The US Radon Map is here to assist you with the information regarding the radon in your area. Radon is a type of gas that sweeps inside your house mostly from the surface. It is formulated from radioactive uranium decaying underground in your home. The level of the radon may depend on the ground. It is mostly found in houses more than buildings. 

The Printable US Radon Map showcases the areas with average radon and helps you to identify if your area comes under it or not. Nevertheless, you should keep yourself informed regarding this matter. This subject matter was identified in the year 1993 to detect the radon level inside the building. The radon level should be tested, no matter which area you are living in.

US Radon Map

us radon map


It does not cost much and precaution is always better than cure. If the radon in your house reads between 2 and 4 pCi/L then consider fixing it. The Radon Map of the USA presented here tells you the average radon level at a particular region across the country. By looking at the map, you can know if your house comes under the area of a higher level of radon. Even if not, the testing is not much of a hassle so make sure to test your house.

us radon maps


If the level of radon comes higher then you do not need to panic. The level can be reduced to a safe level. Whatever the method may be, if the level of radon comes high, you should not ignore the results and take action in order to reduce it.

Radon Map of the USA (US Radon Map)

radon map of us


Radon can be harmful to your health as much as causing lung cancer if you are exposed to this gas for a long period of time. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that almost 21,000 deaths in the country are caused by radon. People who smoke have a higher chance of getting lung cancer but people who do not smoke but are exposed to radon may also suffer the illness.

radon us map


Among the 50 states, Massachusetts has the highest number of cases of lung cancer caused by radon which is supposed to be about 628. The state does not conduct any compulsory rules or regulations regarding radon prevention, which is why you have to take the initiative yourself to check the radon level in your house.

United States Radon Map

usa radon map


The issue of radon is something that can not be ignored. Actions and preventive measures should be taken in order to prevent yourself from this harmful gas. This can only be possible when you will be aware of the information if your area comes under the radar.

usa radon maps


The information is useful only useful when it gets to you at right time. Check today if the area you are living in is affected by the gas or not and then take measures accordingly. You can also have the map even if you do not fall into the radon-affected region, just to be informed about the situation around the country. The Radon Map USA is for informative purposes and not for commercials.

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